How many nappies do I need?
It depends if you are going all in or part-time. If you are going all in with nights as well parents have voted 24-28 cloth nappies being the perfect balance. If you are going to be using the cloth nappies part-time, 12-18 would be enough.
How does the same cloth nappy fit a newborn baby and a toddler?
The nappies come with a sizing system that allows the thin outer layer of the nappy to collapse together with snaps. After that you can put the smaller insert inside the diaper and it’s ready for a newborn. The size system allows you to customise the size around thighs and the hip/waist.
What is the difference between night time nappy and day nappy?
We love to keep everything simple and easy. Let’s be honest! There is no difference between night time nappy and day nappy. The only thing you have to have in mind is your child's absorbency need. Night time nappies are
Aren’t disposables cheaper?
Reusable cloth nappies work out much cheaper than disposables even when you factor in washing costs and detergent! A full-time stash is cheaper than the cheapest disposables on the market and you can bring the cost down even more by buying only what you need. They also have a resale value so once you're finished or a style you try doesn't suit, you can on sell easily. You definitely can't say that about disposables!
How do I prep my nappy before my baby wears it for the first time?
Noah Nappies recommends washing your new nappie/s before the first use. This helps remove any manufacturing residues such as sewing machine oils, additional wing dye, pattern marks etc. We first recommend a short cold machine cycle wash followed by a 40-60 degree Celsius wash with mild detergent before adding to the rest of your nappies.

There’s no need to soak your insert/s before first use. The natural fibers do need a few washes to build up the absorbency but the need for a 24h soak is not necessary. If you want to soak your inserts, you sure can do that!


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