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Laundry routine

Laundry is often the first thing people want to understand better when it comes to diapers, and that's perfectly natural. Just like with other laundry, you want to do it...

Laundry is often the first thing people want to understand better when it comes to diapers, and that's perfectly natural. Just like with other laundry, you want to do it right to make your products last as long as possible, which we'll discuss below. However, diaper laundry is often something people see as a hassle or "dirty" rather than what's best for the products. People often want to know whether the washing machine will get dirty from diaper laundry or give up the ghost sooner. Moreover, we have often been asked by people the following questions:

Do you handle your child's clothes that are involved in accidents?

Do you throw away bedclothes that have been in contact with your child's diaper rash in the trash or laundry?

Do you throw away expensive and beautiful children's clothes in the trash if a diaper explosion goes beyond the diaper?

What about all the pee stains when children are learning to use a potty?

These are all questions that make people think. We are all dealing with various "human" waste in our washing machines, and that's what they're made for. People sometimes don't seem to draw a clear line between poop in a diaper vs. poop in pants, even though the awareness is increasing. Here are some facts and good information about diaper laundry that we hope will be useful.

Milk Stains: Children who only drink milk, are breastfed, or have diarrhea have water-soluble stools. That means the children's stools dissolve in water, so diaper covers can be placed directly into the washing machine without doing anything else.

Solid Stains: The digestion of children who are starting to eat solid food undergoes a significant change. The form of the stool changes, the smell changes, and the water solubility also changes. These stools may look like milk stools but are not as water-soluble. The stools can also be formed and therefore easier to remove from the diaper. The main rule with solid stools is that they belong in the toilet. It varies how people prefer to remove these stools from diapers, but it is known that the material AWJ, similar to what is in Noah Nappies diapers, is very useful for removing stools from diapers, as the material repels stool to some extent.

Laundry Routine: It can be quite inconsistent, and it is natural for your diaper laundry routine to be different from your friend's or acquaintance's routine. We recommend storing dirty diapers in large wet bags similar to our Jumbo wet bag. There's no need to rinse pee diapers before washing; just put them in the bag. When it comes to laundry day, it's enough to open the zipper of the bag and put it in the machine intact; the machine's spin will release the diapers from the bag.

Steps: Cold pre-wash with or without detergent - it's your choice.

Step: Long hot wash at 40°- 60° with detergent. Be sure to choose detergent carefully; we recommend enzyme-free, odorless, and moderately mild detergent.

Step: After the long wash, the laundry routine may be over. However, many (whom we recommend) choose to do a cold rinse at the end without detergent to ensure that all detergent is removed from the diapers/inserts. Detergents can cause detergent buildup in natural fibers, but its manifestation could possibly be rash or red diaper area.

After the first three steps, it's time to hang up the diaper laundry. PUL products (wet bags and diapers) are best hung up on a line, as the heat from the dryer doesn't agree with PUL material and can cause it to "melt" or delaminate. All Noah Nappies inserts can handle high heat in the dryer and last just as well whether you choose to use a dryer or hang them up to dry. Most diaper parents who have access to a dryer choose to use it to dry their inserts. Natural fibers can take a long time to dry on the line and may therefore need to have more inserts available at home.

Best of luck in your laundry room! We are here if any questions arise ♡


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