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Our one of a kind Jumbo Wetbag

Our Jumbo wet bag is one of its kind on the market, as it is! Both of us, Arna & Alexandra, have experience of being young and having a baby...

Our Jumbo wet bag is one of its kind on the market, as it is! Both of us, Arna & Alexandra, have experience of being young and having a baby in diapers. During pregnancy, it is quite common for our sense of smell to become more sensitive, and we both experienced that. Suddenly, the diaper laundry routine wasn't good enough, storing dirty diapers was inadequate, and the wet bags we were using were completely useless! Perhaps quite dramatic thoughts, but that was the situation. From this period came the first idea of the Jumbo wet bag.

The Jumbo wet bag is sewn from double-layered PUL fabric, which prevents odors from escaping the bag. To make it usable for several days of dirty diapers, we decided to have it in a larger size. Based on that decision, we also chose to have double zippers on each handle so the fabric could withstand the weight if the bag was hanging, as we chose to do. The bag has two YKK zippers, one at the top and one at the bottom. The reasoning behind the bottom zipper is quite deep, as we had heard about the growing popularity of such bags, but they weren't quite convincing enough for us. The smell of dirty diapers is an unwelcome guest in our home, and we found bags with zippers at the bottom to have an additional "seam"/opening that allows a little smell to escape outside the bag. Therefore, we designed PUL flaps inside the bag that are placed on top of the zipper at the bottom when it's in use. This created another "barrier" to prevent smells from escaping outside the bag. For those who have yet to discover the brilliance behind two zippers on large wet bags for the laundry room, this is the idea: When the bag is full of, for example, three days' worth of dirty diapers, the smell at the bottom of the bag becomes quite strong, and it would be desirable to be able to stuff everything into the washing machine as efficiently as possible. Therefore, the top zipper is opened first, and the top is inserted into the machine. Then the bottom is turned out of the washing machine, which is opened subsequently, and the washing machine door is closed. When the machine starts, all the diapers come out of the bag, and we have clean hands, happy to have avoided having to pick out old dirty diapers from the bottom of the bag. Isn't that clever?

We wholeheartedly recommend that every household has two bags, as they are always in use, one for laundry and the other for taking in new dirty diapers.


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