Cloth Diapering at Night

As a cloth diapering parent, you may be wondering how to keep your little one dry and comfortable throughout the night. Whether you’re dealing with heavy wetters or trying to avoid leaks, nighttime cloth diapering can be a challenge. In this post, we’ll share some tips and tricks for a leak-free sleep, so you and your little one can rest easy.

Choose the right diaper: For nighttime use, you’ll want a cloth diaper that is highly absorbent and has a good fit. Consider using diaper with inner elastics or a pocket diaper stuffed with your choice of absorbency rich inserts. Hemp and bamboo inserts are known for great absorbency. Avoid using microfiber inserts as they can compress and leak.

Add extra absorbency: If leaks persist, consider adding extra absorbency to your nighttime cloth diaper. A thin, layered bamboo or hemp insert may be sufficient to prevent leakage. Depending on your child’s gender, you may want to fold the insert in a certain way to optimize absorbency. For boys, who tend to pee more in the front of the diaper, try folding the booster to provide double absorbency at the front instead of adding another booster that may be too bulky. Similarly, for girls who tend to pee more in the middle and back, adjust the fold accordingly based on whether your baby sleeps on their tummy or back.

Change right before bed: Make sure you change your little one’s diaper right before bedtime. This will give you a fresh start and minimize the chance of leaks.

Use a diaper liner: Using a diaper liner can help keep moisture away from your baby’s skin and prevent rashes. You can use a disposable liner or a reusable fleece liner.

Check the fit: A good fit is essential for preventing leaks. Make sure the diaper is snug around the waist and legs, and adjust the rise if needed. Check out our cloth diaper fit TIPS video here down below:

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