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Jumbo Wetbag Teddy Hug

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Our Jumbo Wetbag is designed and produced with love in mind for both family and mother earth. It has two openings on each end with a YKK zipper that keeps smell and moisture in the bag. It’s made of double PUL fabric to keep the smell away and an extra PUL flap inside the bag, laying on top of the bottom zipper secures the smell even more for days. It is ideal for your laundry room or changing table with its unique design and certainly is one of a kind.

All of our collection is made from certified materials such as Oeko-tex and GOTS.


  • Our perfect Jumbo: The bag measures 44cm in width and 66 cm in hight. It can perfectly fit all your dirty nappies between washing days.

  • Zipper on top & bottom: Now you can finally say goodbye to old smelly nappies during the laundry day! The only thing you have to do before washing is opening both of the zippers before washing. Place the bag with all of the nappies inside the washing machine, the nappies will come out of the bag by itself. How brilliant!

  • Two snap handles with double snaps: You can open the snaps to store the wet bag wherever you like, on the changing table or laundry room. The double snaps on each handle brings more strength to the bag, holding many wet nappies for days.

  • Odour resistant & double PUL fabric: Designed to keep, hold and store the odour for days until you decide to release it on laundry day. This unique design has double PUL fabric and an extra PUL flap on top of the bottom zipper to make sure the smell is secured inside the bag.

  • Soft recycled PUL outer material: The material is probably one of the softest and most flexible PUL you’ll find in a wet bag. It is made from recycled plastic and not only are you saving lots of landfill with buying this bag, you are also saving approx 10 plastic bottles which are recycled in this wet bag.
Washing & Care
  • Washing routine with a bag full of dirty nappies: Open the zippers before washing. Place the bag with all of the nappies inside the washing machine, the nappies will come out of the bag by itself. We recommend a short cold rinse cycle machine wash followed by a longer 40°- 60° hot programme. Single 40° machine wash programme may be enough, it all depends what mysterious stuff was inside this bag!

  • Tumble dry: We do not recommend tumble dry our wet bags. The PUL material likes to be hung up. Although, the bag may go on a cold or very low heat tumble drying programme.

  • Do not use: Bleach or fabric softener. 

  • Outer & inner layer: Recycled 100% Polyurethane (PUL)

  • Oeko-tex standard 100 certified and contain no harmful chemicals

Shipping & Returns
  • Worldwide: The shipping is calculated automatically at the checkout and is based on the location, weight and volume of your order.

  • Returns: We wish to make your experience with Noah Nappies a great one and offer 30-day returns for unwanted items.

Product information

  • Þvotta rútína: Skilaðu kúknum í klósettið og geymdu bleyjuna í blautpoka eða fötu/bala o.s.frv. Við mælum með köldu skoli til þess að byrja með. Eftir skolið ráðleggjum við heitt 40°-60° langt þvottaprógram.

  • Þurrkari: Við ráðleggjum að taubleyjan sé hengd upp til þerris þó hún megi fara á kalt prógram í þurrkaranum.

  • Notist ekki við: Klór eða mýkingarefni. Krem sem innihalda sink minnka rakadrægni bleyjunnar þar sem sink er vatnsfráhindrandi. 
  • Ytra lag: Endurunnið 100% Polyurethane (PUL) með mjúku ytra byrði

  • Innra lag: 100% polyester, Award Wicking Jersey (AWJ) með ísaumuðu fjögurra laga bambus/terry innleggi.

  • Oeko-tex standard 100 certified and contain no harmful chemicals
  • Noah Nappies taubleyjurnar eru "one size" og eru hannaðar til þess að endast barninu þínu út bleyjutímabilið (öll börn eru þó misjöfn).

  • Bleyjurnar passa á börn frá 3,5kg - 18kg.

  • Fjórar stærðar stillingar eru í boði. Til þess að minnka bleyjuna er hægt að smella henni saman að framan.

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