The first steps in cloth diapering

Congratulations! The first steps towards a more sustainable future for the little one begins here. Cloth diapering is a whole new world in the beginning, it may seem overwhelming but that’s why we’re here to help. Let’s go over a few important things we want you to understand.


  1. You and only you can make the best decision for your baby and family.
  2. If you want to cloth diaper, there is no need to go “all in” right away. Both reusable and disposable diapers can be used together in a daily routine.
  3. You almost don’t have to know anything about cloth diapers before you make your first purchase. 


Cloth diapers have become so perfect and it’s definitely not the same thing as a cloth diaper 1950.. Or even 2000! The cloth diaper development is in good rhythm with the sustainability we all demand our society to live up to, even our diapers are recycled. BUT to the important stuff! When beginning cloth diapering it’s great to have in mind that cloth diapers can be different in so many ways. You will find out what is best for you and your baby / family…. After you start. Yes, we said it. AFTER you start 🙂 


Many parents think they need to research what cloth diapers are the very best for their family before buying. That actually is a big misunderstanding. As many and different our babies are, cloth diapers are as well (maybe not as many but you understand where we are going with this). The easiest and most effective way to start is to simply buy a few pretty diapers and try them out. When we started using cloth diapers for the first time we didn’t have a clue what kind of cloth diaper we bought but with usage, time and experience a great cloth diaper knowledge will come as a result. 

…And also happier environment 🙂


Summary: The best way to start cloth diapering is to buy diapers you love the look of and try it out! …the rest will be history. 

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